1. Who are we?
    Chai Qiao Tou is an online store which is selling customer special, stylish and unique coffee gift sets and handmade products. Antara 5 Ventures PLT have been founded and established since 2017. Since then, the company have been growing everyday, Chai Qiao Tou strives to be one of the top and best coffee gift sets and handmade products out there.
  2. What we sell?
    We offer the best quality of coffee gift sets and handmade products online which you'll hardly find in the market!
  3. Why choose us?
    Quality Control
    We ensure you that our main focus will be in quality of the products. We will make sure our customers get the best quality from us and we serve our customers as V.I.P.
    Friendly Customer Service
    We won't serve customers with attitude of “because-this-is-my-job”. We'll make sure that our customers feel comfortable throughout their shopping. If they require our assistance during their shopping, we'll provide them the best support they can hardly find online.
  4. How to contact us?
    If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, please do not hestitate to contact us! We can be contacted through antara.five@gmail.com or call us at +6011-5955 0988. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  5. Dripping Instruction
    Step 1 - Tear filter at top along dotted line. 沿线撕开滤袋
    Step 2 - Pull bottom of hangers away from filter. 拉开两侧挂耳,平稳架在咖啡杯口
    Step 3 - Hang filter on cup, slowly add 180cc of boiling water, wait at least 3-5 seconds for fresh coffee powder to be soaked thoroughly, and add another 180cc of boiling water. 缓慢的注入热水 (92°C - 94°C)约预浸3-5秒待新鲜咖啡粉完全湿润后,继续注水约180cc
    Step 4 - Remove filter by hangers and dispose. 从两侧提起过滤袋咖啡渣丢掉

Dripping Instructions.jpg


Q: How to make purchase order on the site?

A: To place your purchase :-

  1. Click “Add to cart” button on the products you wish to purchase.
  2. Click “View Cart” to see the products which you have added to cart. You may select “Continue Shopping” to continue add other products into the cart or click “Checkout” to proceed your payment for the products.
  3. You'll reach a log in page where you need to log in your account using your Username and Password. If you don't have an account created yet, you need to register an account by filling in your “Contact Information” before you proceed to the next.
  4. You'll need to select “Shipping” or “Pick Up” and confirm your shipping address on the “Shipping Address" column.
  5. From here, you need to select your shipping / pick up methods.
  6. Next, you'll need to choose your payment method then click “place order now” button.
  7. You need to reconfirm your billing details and agree on the terms and conditions.
  8. Click “Confirm Order” to complete the order.

Q: What are the payment methods available?

A: ChaiQiaoTou.com offers various kinds of Payment Methods as shown below :-

(1) FPX Bank Transfer
Bank Account : 011580010050612

After you made the payment, please send us the payment details of :

  • Bank Name :
  • Banking Date :
  • Banking Time :
  • Banking Reference No :
  • Total amount you have paid :
  • Your Order No :

You may scan and email us the above info to Email Address : antara.five@gmail.com

Note: Your purchased products will not be delivered until we have this confirmation.

(2) Touch n Go e-wallet

Q: How to change my account personal information and shipping address? 

A:Log-in your account → Click on “Edit” to edit your account information and Shipping address here.

Q: I forgot my Password of my account. What should I do to retrieve it?

  1. Click on “Lost Password?” and fill in the email that used to register the account in the box.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. A verification token will be sent to you. Once you have received the token, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.

Q: Can I cancel an existing order that has been made?

  • Yes, only if the order is still on pending status.
  • Please send an email to our customers service email at antara.five@gmail.com with the message title “Request to cancel order” in order to inform us about the cancellation order.
  • Orders that are in shipping or shipped will not be cancelled.

Q: What is the product's transaction currency?

A: All products transaction currency will be done in MYR.

Q: How long does the delivery usually takes?

A: Delivery usually will takes about 7 to 14 working days.

Q: I still have doubts!

A: Sorry that we're unable to clear your doubts in the F.A.Q page. Please kindly send us an email to antara.five@gmail.com for us to clear your doubts.

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